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McNerney for Congress Bold Progressive Democrat for Austin Texas US Congress District 37

When it comes time to vote, ask yourself:


Are you content with the status quo in Washington? Are you comfortable with the current situation in Gaza? Are you happy with a Supreme Court that has its fingers on the Scales of Justice for whomever has money?

Or are you ready for change?

About Chris

I grew up here in Austin. I have a Bachelors degree in Government from The University of Texas and a Masters degree in International Affairs from Georgia Tech. I’ve spent the last 20 years in the Department of Defense working national security issues, as a cybersecurity professional hunting for advanced persistent threats throughout the world, and as the founder of a cybersecurity startup.

I’m running because I know what it’s like to live without health insurance, to be laid off, to make minimum wage, and to live in debt. I’m running to ensure heath care, reproductive rights, and education are available to all of us, not just a privileged few. I’m running against a status quo that has allowed Roe to fall, threats to the LGBTQ+ community to rise, and economic prosperity to become ever more unattainable to average Americans. I’m running to create a bolder, more progressive Democratic party, with a clear vision that fights back against right-wing extremism and for everyday Americans.

It is time for change in Congress and in this country. It’s time for new leadership and representatives. I understand Austin and Central Texas. I understand Washington and how government should function. And I will accomplish the things I promise to do.

Join with me. Together we will move this country forward.

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Every little bit helps move our grassroots effort forward. Donate what you can to ensure we build a better country together.


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Every pair of hands, every voice, and dedicated mind can help. If you’d like to participate and help bring about change, get in touch today and we’ll add you to our growing community.

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